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With the launch of such an innovative new product many of you may have questions. Here are the answers to the most common ones!


How Do I Take It? - Orally


Very simply! Shake the bottle for 5 seconds, dispense desired spray quantity under the tongue and/or sides of the mouth on your cheeks. 

We recommend waiting 6o seconds before swallowing. Then avoid eating or drinking for at least 5 minutes for maximum adsorption. 



How Many Sprays? 4-12

This is entirely up to the individual user. We recommend starting with 4 or 5 sprays, waiting for 10 minutes, and adding more if needed. We recommend not using more than 12 sprays every 2 hours but everyone has a different tolerance and metabolism so consult with your doctor for more specific advice. 

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How Fast Does It Work?

The sublingual spray begins to enter the bloodstream instantly. Most users experience effects in the first 5-9 minutes. If you do not feel the effects then try increasing the dose. 


Does This Replace Kratom Powder?

This is a common question. We do not recommend that you use Air Kratom as your sole source of Kratom. Why? Because it is derived from a Complete Spectrum concentrate, while full of the same alkaloids and phytochemicals contained in the leaf, nothing will ever be as good as the entire plant. 

Our intention for this product is that it be used as a booster or when needed while users are on the road, traveling, or on the go. As with any extract based product we recommend that you use it periodically, take breaks, continue to use powder kratom if you are a daily user, etc. See our Usage Guide for more information!

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