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AIR Kratom Sublingual Video
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How To Use

Suggested use:

  1. Shake well for 5 seconds before each use.

  2. Position actuator nozzle directly under the tongue (sublingual)

  3. Spray 6-12 times (under tongue and also on inside of cheeks if desired) NOTE: Dosing is highly dependent on the consumer. We recommend starting lower and upping the dose till you find the maximum effect

  4. DO NOT SWALLOW FOR 60 SECONDS (this allows the alkaloids to adsorb).

  5. Wait 5 minutes before drinking or eating anything else. ​​


You may notice a residual 'cloud' emanating from your mouth which is perfectly normal. This is only a condensation gas from your warm breath and does not contain any of the active product. 


Original Formula Contains: 

Each regular sublingual aerosol product contains 4000mg premium Complete Spectrum Kratom concentrate plus hemp-derived full spectrum CBD* and each spray provides 20mg Kratom + 500mcg of CBD at 200+ uses *ZERO THC


Product Care:
If spray actuator becomes clogged or drips, remove spray nozzle and rinse thoroughly with hot water. Do NOT submerge main aluminum canister in hot water at any time as contents are under pressure and may explode.

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Useag Guide
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Usage Guide

Air Kratom can be used by both types of Kratom users! See your use below!

Occasional/Light Kratom Users

Using less than 6g of Kratom per dose - Recommend 4-8 sprays for full dose

Air Kratom can be used as a full replacement dose for many people like this! If you fit this category try Air Kratom out and see how much easier and better tasting consuming kratom can be! (Note that dosing is highly individual and if you are not getting enough effect, increase the number of sprays - at a 10 spray dose, you still get 20 doses per bottle!)

Moderate/Heavy Kratom Users

Those who take more than 6g Kratom at a time - Recommend 8-12 sprays for full dose.

Air Kratom is an amazing tool in the moderate to heavy kratom user's toolbelt. Regardless of your reasons for using kratom, Air Kratom is best used as a "booster" to your normal kratom use.

We recommend taking your usual kratom dose in the morning and then using Air Kratom throughout the day when you need a boost of effects or even to reduce dosing powder. Most users can skip all daily doses and only use their normal kratom for their morning and nighttime dose. We recommend experimenting to see what works best for you!

(Note that dosing is highly individual and if you are not getting enough effect, increase the number of sprays - at a 12 spray dose you are still getting  more than 16 servings!

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