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Aerosol Delivery Benefits:

  • Accurate individual spray usage

  • Optimum active alkaloid and cannabinoid bioavailability

  • Quicker effective release and onset (5-9 minutes)

  • Greater absorption levels

  • Discrete and convenient usage

  • Lower cost per use

*If you have any questions about the use amount or instructions of how to administer our products, go HERE

The Aerosol  Advantage


Higher Active Alkaloid Bioavailability

What exactly are aerosols?


Aerosols are defined as a system of colloidal particles sealed in a metal container under pressure, dispersed as a gas or vapor (nano mist) using a pharmaceutical grade FDA approved propellant, HFA134a. 


Laughing Lion Herbs' pressurized Metered Spray Sublingual Aerosols are devices that deliver a precise amount of proprietary kratom and hemp-derived full-spectrum cannabinoid formulation directly under the tongue or the surface of the cheeks in the mouth.


Laughing Lion Herbs' Sublingual product incorporates an aluminum canister, dispensing valve and actuator allowing proprietary Kratom and Hemp-derived Cannabinoid oils to be administered at a precise administration once activated.


Our formulas contain proprietary Mitragynine,  Cannabinoid and terpene blends including Laughing Lion's own Complete Spectrum Kratom Extract which preserves the "Whole Leaf" effects and feelings generated by consumption of the whole kratom leaf.

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Most Effective Use & Administration

The aerosol delivery system is the most effective and accurate way to experience the complete benefits of Kratom and full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD. Utilizing the Nano-mist technology with metered spray sublingual mist help customers get consistent delivery along with highest level of active Alkaloids, CBD, & cannabinoids available today. Combined with our micro-nutrient and botanical rich proprietary formulations, you get the most fully integrated product on the market.

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Superior Delivery Product & Value

When comparing other Kratom or CBD products and delivery systems to Laughing Lion Herbs, customers quickly realize the value of accurate administration and ease of use with Laughing Lion's aerosol technology. The Nano Mist Sublinguals contain 4,000mg Complete Spectrum Kratom Extract (providing a nearly identical effect to full leaf products and 100mg of hemp derived full-spectrum CBD oil delivering a price as low as $0.30 per serving! Significantly lower than anything else on the market!

With the bioavailability of the kratom alkaloids, the amount needed for an effect is drastically lower than normal leaf products or even extract products.


Size & Portability (TSA Compliant)

All of Laughing Lion's Air Kratom products are designed for optimal transportability and pure convenience to discreetly use anywhere or anytime. No clumsy dropper bottles to try and administer or banned vape pen areas that are not allowed in most public places. Easily carried in your pocket, purse or backpack for fast and convenient access at all times. Along with the accurate and consistent usage every time, you can enjoy the benefits of Kratom and CBD throughout your busy lifestyle wherever you are at work or play.

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