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Who We Are

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Laughing Lion is first and foremost, and advocate for the kratom community and protecting Americans access to this amazing plant. This photo was taken in 2022 when our legislative team comprised of our Executive Team/Founders and our retail managers stood up in the Denver Capitol building before both the House and Senate subcommittees in support of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act for Colorado. 

The bill was successfully passed and signed into law by Governor Polis!

Our Story

Visit our primary site to learn all about our company here

Air Kratom is a new product created by the innovative minds at Laughing Lion Herbs in conjunction with R2 Innovations . Two Colorado-based companies passionate about providing pure and natural ways of delivering the best natural plant-based products to the body effectively while maintaining the true essence of the plants themselves.

We developed Air Kratom's proprietary formulation using the best Complete Spectrum Kratom extracts in the world! These extracts maintain the authenticity of the effects of the whole kratom leaf without sacrificing potency or quality.  This kratom extract is produced using natural and "green" solvents that contain all food-grade ingredients to ensure safety and efficacy without the residual chemical solvents that are present in nearly all of the kratom extracts utilized in the industry today. While they generally maintain those residual solvents at levels below the established safety thresholds, why even introduce chemicals like chloroform, dichloromethane, ether, and many more. 


The innovations and the patent pending delivery system developed by R2 combined with our world-class extracts and natural compounds to aid in adsorption, reducing tolerance build-up, and the remarkable consistency in the products that Laughing Lion is known for.

We look forward to providing you with the latest in Kratom delivery technology as a consumer or as a buyer/retailer/distributor. For more information about reselling Air Kratom or licensing the product as a white label for your own brand, please reach out directly to Matt - 


We always love to hear from our friends and family in the kratom industry! 

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